Praise for The Transom

“After three days of getting the Transom, I was hopelessly addicted. Now I can’t imagine beginning a work day without it. From what I can tell, Domenech reads the entire Internet every night so we don’t have to. Then he shares the best of what he’s found with us the next morning. Indispensable.” – Andrew Ferguson, The Weekly Standard

“Tweeps unfamiliar with @TheTransom are missing an essential daily window into American conservatism.” – Ross Douthat, New York Times

“Provocative, comprehensive, engaging — and in your inbox first thing every morning: The Transom. If you possess an appetite for really enterprising journalism, then Ben Domenech’s daily roundup of news and opinion will quickly become for you what it already is for me: Indispensable.” – Peter Robinson, Uncommon Knowledge

“I’m a Transom addict. It is essential reading for me and I don’t go a day without it. If you want to get smarter, get The Transom. You’ll always find an an idea, story or insight there you won’t get anywhere else.” – Alex Castellanos, Political Consultant, CNN

“If you start the day without The Transom, go back to bed. If you want to contribute with purpose to the promise of an exceptional American future, start your day with a shot of Ben. I never don’t.” – Mary Matalin, Political Consultant, CNN

“I get more in one daily newsletter than a solid hour of surfing blogs.” – Brad Thor, Bestselling Author

“When I start the day, it’s with Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt and Ben Domenech’s Transom. I read Ben to see what stories I should be looking into; I read Jim to see what stories he’s already beaten me to.” – Moe Lane, Contributing Editor,

“How did I ever get on without The Transom? Thoughtful, provocative, packed with info.” – Olivier Knox, White House Correspondent, Yahoo News

“I read a lot each morning, but the only source I NEED is The Transom.” – Dean Clancy, FreedomWorks 

“I don’t always read the news, but when I do, I prefer The Transom.” – Avik Roy, Forbes

“If you’re not getting The Transom every morning, you’re not doing politics right.” – Keith Urbahn, Chief of Staff, Donald Rumsfeld

“Not everyone reads the Transom. Just about everyone that drives opinions on the Right.” – Mike Krempasky, Edelman

“One of the few things on the internet that’s absolutely worth your valuable time.” – Jonathan Last, The Weekly Standard

“Tis a cut above.” – Neil King, Wall Street Journal

“You won’t regret it.” – Joe Weisenthal, Business Insider

“Obviously, the first morning e-mail you should read is Wonkbook. But @bdomenech‘s Transom is really great.” – Ezra Klein, Washington Post, Bloomberg